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Designed in California. Hand-knit in Peru. Inspired by your children


At Red and Olive Co., we hope to inspire creativity, curiosity & bravery in your kids and for generations to come. As a Peruvian & American blended family, woman-owned business we spend every day designing ways for children to connect with our rich cultural influences. We blend traditional art forms with the latest fashion trends. Red & Olive Co. was born out of passion, risk-taking and a whole lot of love. 

We work with Peruvian artisans that we personally know and we have been friends with some of them for decades. We love & appreciate them like our own family. Through your purchase of an ethically made doll, you empower the women that create them, many of whom are mothers too. We celebrate every single order because your purchase is a reminder to all of us that there are people just like you out there lifting one another up.

People often ask where we get our inspiration for our dolls. It started with our own kids… Stinky Reed’s sleepy eyes are inspired by Destiny’s son. Foxy Bella’s bald head and big bow are inspired by her daughter’s love for dance and the fact that she had NO hair until she turned two! And then our inspiration grew to kids around us and around the world. Each special friend is designed with inclusivity in mind. We hope that all children can see themselves in one of our dolls and if you have ideas to share, well we’d love to hear from you!! 

Red & Olive Co. is a fair trade company with the intention to create global connections through the power of play. Wanna come play with us?

Con amor,

Destiny & Lita