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At Red and Olive, we want to help and support the future generations. Through each purchase of a special BFF, you are helping empower the women that create them, as well as their families and children. Their children and ours are the future, and each special friend is designed with them in mind to bring about joy, imagination, and learning.

The women who are behind each doll are some of the most vulnerable in Peru making it difficult for them to care for their own children. We want to help break the cycle of poverty for these families, and help give their children the every day care and education they need to grow and learn.

We are a fair trade company that seeks to give value to the Peruvian artisans by paying them according to their gifts and abilities. This will help them be a part of the world’s economy and promote ownership and self-sufficiency. By doing so, their children will live better lives than the generations before them, and will give them hope for a better future.