4 Tips for Traveling Without Your Kids From Parents Who Travel A Lot

4 Tips for Traveling Without Your Kids From Parents Who Travel A Lot

4 Tips for Traveling Without Your Kids From Parents Who Travel A Lot

What’s on your itinerary this month? Maybe it’s a work event across the country, a wedding upstate or a parents getaway weekend… whatever it is, there are no kids allowed! Whether you are traveling because of work or fun, leaving your kids at home is so hard. Give yourself a little peace of mind with these travel tips for when you have to leave your little ones behind.

Plan Fun Activities for the Kids

Along with your list of favorite foods and emergency numbers, give your child’s caretaker a list of recommendations for your kids to do while you’re gone. Maybe it’s an activity they rarely get to do (like stay up to watch a movie) or it means ordering a few new toys or supplies before you head out. Either way, you know your child best and giving your caretaker some insider knowledge can help keep them busy & entertained while you’re gone.

Snuggle with Their Lovie 

Ok, we’ll take any excuse to snuggle up to Stinky Reed or anyone in the R&O crew, but did you know it also has a calming effect for your child? Giving your child a freshly snuggled doll can reduce separation anxiety by comforting them during the transition and triggering good feelings. Not only that, but you can actually also help promote emotional independence because they will learn to sooth themselves in a comforting and safe environment.

Leave a Love Note in the Mailbox

Does your child enjoy getting mail as much as ours do? Before you go leave a letter in the mail box for your child to open after you're gone. For younger children you can leave some colorful drawings and maybe some stickers. For older kids, write the things you love most about them and if you’re feeling extra generous maybe surprise them with a little ice cream money!

Enjoy Yourself.

This time away from your kids is not going to be any easier if you are stressed the whole time. Before you go, think about what you might need to feel comfortable while you are away from the kids and do what you can to help curb your stress. As a parent or a caregiver, you deserve this time to yourself. Plus, you can set a good example for your kids! When they see that you are enjoying life, they will feel permission to do the same.