Creative Halloween Costumes & Ideas for the Family

Creative Halloween Costumes & Ideas for the Family

It is never too early to pull out the pumpkins and if you know anything about our founders, you know that they love to get into the spirit of Halloween. Have you seen Destiny’s living room? It’s... to die for! 💀

Lol. Here are some Halloween costumes and ideas to kick off pumpkin spice season!

The Easy Parent Costume 

Our face masks offer added protection from viruses and they also can be an easy costume for mom, dad… or any adult! With our cat mask, skunk mask, fox mask or bear mask you can dress up as your favorite animal just by wearing a solid color and adding some ears… voila! You put together a stylish and boo-tiful costume. With mask sizes from toddlers to adults, you can find one that fits you by clicking here.


The Kid’s DIY Doll Costume

Put together your kid’s costume with clothes from your kid’s closet!? Yes! Create your child’s Halloween costume by styling their outfit like their favorite doll. Not only is this a less expensive route to go, it also is way more sustainable than buying a store made costume (so we love that!). With our matching head accessories, this too cute to spook outfit is a fun and unique costume. Add a face mask to complete the look! 



Boo-tiful Doll Costumes 

Even your doll can look gourd-geous this Halloween with their own festive sweaters. With our hand knit pumpkin sweater or skeleton sweater, their dolls

are a fun decoration to spark your child’s imagination. With it’s soft and stretchy material, this sweater fits most dolls similar to the Red & Olive Co size so everyone can join in on the fun! Click here to shop.




 Halloween Hostess Gift 

Heading to a Halloween party and want to bring something festive? For our Mama’s Juice Box fans, you can use our sweaters to decorate a wine bottle. Simply slip the sweater over the bottle and it’s ready to gift your host! The wine may only last one night, but the beautiful hand knit decoration is something they can enjoy all season long.