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Ethical Back To School Supplies & Giveback Masks

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Ethical Back To School Supplies & Giveback Masks
The new school year is around the corner and we have rounded up our favorite giveback back-to-school supplies! Whether your child will go to school virtually, on-campus, or attends homeschool, it’s important to have Back-To-School essentials your kids have come to love. And why not make a positive social impact when you buy them too!? So here are a few of our favorites to make this school year the best one yet!


Load it up! There is something special about the ritual of loading up a backpack. Whether you’re getting in the car or getting ready to for class at the dining room table, a backpack helps kids feel equipped with the tools they need for a great day of learning. We love fellow giveback brand State Bag and our eyes are on these metallic backpacks. The pink one is Foxy Bella’s favorite!

Your kid’s school supplies checklist probably is looking a little longer this year, with things like face masks, hand sanitizer, and other healthcare supplies. We’ve got you covered… literally! Getting dressed for school is playful and safe with Red & Olive Co. face masks. Made with an antibacterial material and fully adjustable straps, the masks are designed to offer your child maximum coverage. And each mask comes equipped with antibacterial wipes and a little bag to safely store it when they are not using it, like during lunchtime.


Did someone say lunch!? Lunch boxes are so last year! Make eating fun (and plastic-free!) with the PlanetBox bento box. Their stainless steel design fits plenty of food and features interchangeable graphic magnets - sparking your child’s creativity and matching their personality as they grow. This Dia De Los Muertos design is Stinky Reed’s favorite! He loves to embrace our Peruvian culture and eat the tantawawa breads. 

And before we know it, it’s time to finish the day surrounded by BFF’s snuggled up with a good book. Having a BFF like Mr. Beary means more than a toy, it’s companionship. Red & Olive Co. BFFs are a way for a kid to feel serenity and security as they process life’s events. Sturdy, washable, and made of premium materials, this is one BFF that’s going to last a lifetime.