Inspire Your Child’s Inner Artist with 3 Backyard Crafts

Inspire Your Child’s Inner Artist with 3 Backyard Crafts

Inspire Your Child’s Inner Artist with 3 Backyard Crafts

There is a connective and calming effect nature has on us when we get crafty with it. Here we share three of our favorite outdoor art activities that incorporate nature while deepening our appreciation for it. 

Cardboard Boxes as a Canvas

Cardboard boxes are great for forts and hiding, but they are also a canvas waiting for your child to express their creativity… and our Red & Olive Co. boxes come with ready to paint designs on the inside. Whether it’s delivery boxes or moving boxes or even recycled cereal boxes, give kids freedom of expression by encouraging them to draw all over them. For less mess, go with crayons, markers or colored pencils. If you’re down for a mess, try sidewalk chalk, water colors or washable paint. And for the ultimate creative explosion, take out everything and invite them to include leaves, dirt and other backyard finds into their art. It’s amazing what kids will come up with when given permission to think outside the box (see what we did there?).

Flower Stamping

Stop and smell the flowers… and then turn them into a beautiful piece of art. For this project, you’ll need white linen, parchment paper cut into small squares, painter’s tape, and a hammer (and parent supervision, right?). Take a stroll around the block or through your own garden and collect leaves and flowers in a basket. Look for different sizes and colors (we found that pinks and purples were awesome!). Lay flat on the ground a piece of white linen - even better if you can repurpose an old table cloth, tee or sheet. Take the painters tape and gently tape the flowers & leaves all over it. Place the parchment paper squares on top, covering the whole plant. Let your kids hammer away to allow the natural dyes to sink into the fabric. After it’s dry you have a stunning wall hanging or newly designed table cloth. 

Plant People

Find big leaves and flower petals, and small, easy to break sticks. On a piece of paper glue the biggest leaf in the center to be the body. Depending on what kind of plants, you may be fine with craft glue or might need some heavier duty glue like hot glue (again some parent supervision here is probably a good idea). Glue the sticks as arms & legs and then surprise your kiddo with some googly eyes. Share with them how this leaf, these flowers and those sticks are all living things that are unique, just like each of us. Take it a step further and give your new leaf buddies names and personalities.