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Tips for Mothers with Sleep Deprivation

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Tips for Mothers with Sleep Deprivation

With Special Guest Joanna Waterfall

Joanna Waterfall of Yellow Co.

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In this episode we get real on sleep deprivation during motherhood and how COVID-19 has transformed our plans for our businesses (surprisingly for the better!).

We’re all about community and connection, so it’s a joy to hear this week’s guest, Joanna Waterfall chat with Destiny about the amazing ways this challenging season has made us work harder at creating and maintaining relationships. Tune in to hear how these mama’s view time management and delving into this major change of plans. 

Besides being a new mama to a one-year-old, Joanna runs Yellow Co., a community for women who are creating meaningful work. Yellow Co. organizes and connects in different ways with the community--through an online digital membership, conferences (now digital!) throughout the year, and guidance groups. Her intentional word for the year was depth and at first, she thought that meant being fully physically present, but with COVID-19, that went out the window. 

Instead, she’s seen and admired how COVID-19 has deepened relationships with people. 

She loves to see how people have showed up for each other during difficult times-- making every relationship deeper and stronger. 

During this episode, Destiny and Joanna get real on something people just don’t talk about enough: sleep deprivation! Joanna reflects on how she felt like she was coming out of a fog when her baby boy finally started sleeping throughout the night. 

And fact: sleep deprivation has the same effect as drinking alcohol, so all of your feelings of exhaustion are so valid. 

On the business side, Destiny and Joanna look deeply at how COVID-19 has made them find their groove and learn to manage time while being at home with kiddos and having to work full-time. Together, they talk through questions about finding their purpose and doing something meaningful when it comes to their life’s work. 

Take a listen and grab your mama juice to hear more about the realness of motherhood and finding the bright-side of this season. 

Watch the conversation here. 

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