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Mama’s Juice Box - An IGTV Series to Talk & Sip Through Parenting

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Parenting is hard. There we said it! Yes, it is filled with magical moments, the sweetest snuggles, and infinite love. It is also filled with uncertainty, parenting challenges, mom guilt, and so much more. And guess what? It is all welcomed here. And by here, we mean Mama’s Juice Box, a space to unwind, connect with other parents managing similar experiences and yes, have a cocktail! On this IGTV series, we explore parenting hot topics around mental health, parenting tips, race equality, school readiness, the psychology of play, family values, working parent life and more in a mindful space.


You can join us our Red & Olive cofounder, Destiny, on Thursdays at 2pm PST, for live conversations with special guests who are also just trying to be the best they can be for their kids while living a fulfilling life. The goal of the series is for parents just like you to share a raw and meaningful connection free of judgment. In each episode, we connect while sipping on our favorite "mama juice" (like a cocktail, wine, tea, or really any drink of your choice). We invite you to join the conversation and sip along to get your own creative parenting juices flowing. 


There are no “off-limit” topics here! In past episodes we have covered the journey of finding joy in challenges of quarantine, responding to the calling to start a nonprofit, raising a generation of antiracists, managing personal expectations and more.


So, take a look at Red & Olive's IG TV, or better yet, follow us on Instagram to share your thoughts on our next live episode! We’ll be so excited to see you there!!


Mama’s Juice Box is produced in partnership with The Purpose Pilot.