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Birthday Celebrations with our Cofounders

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Birthday Celebrations with our Cofounders

with special guest Lita Barreda @redandoliveco

Lita Barreda of Red & Olive Co.

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In this episode we unwind and celebrate life together (happy birthday to our co-founders!) while dismantling the myth that families shouldn’t work together. 

Who are both Peruvian, both mothers, both FIDM graduates, both co-founders, and also family? Our co-founders! This week, co-founders Destiny and Lita sip on mama juice to talk about their experiences working together to build a brand that includes all of their passions and talents. Tune in to hear this creative family’s tips on communication, inspiration, and visions for the brand we all love, Red Olive & Co. 

In this episode, Destiny and Lita throw it back to the very beginning of Red Olive & Co. – hesitations and organic collaborations included – to create their mutual goal to collaborate with different organizations that can benefit from their dolls.

As they dive into how they began the company, Destiny and Lita reflect, “They say do not work with your family, but now that we’re doing it, we couldn’t disagree more!” Together, they realized that they already had a great relationship as step-mom and daughter, a super creative family with backgrounds in fashion, and tremendous love for the kids in their family. With that, they just needed a little encouragement from Destiny’s dad and Lita husband, Mario, and suddenly, the stars aligned. 

From feeling extremely hesitant, to jumping in to start sketching, Lita ran with the inspiration of her grandson (Destiny’s baby!) to create dolls that gave hope, happiness, and inspired creativity. Destiny worked her natural talents of being the face of the brand and handling all the marketing.

Of course, working with family isn’t all fun and games. When asked what they do to handle disagreements, they emphasize the importance of communications.

Be upfront and honest as soon as something feels uncomfortable.

Give the other person grace.

Designate separate time for work and for personal things.

Listen as Destiny advises to take it slow, consider all the factors and define roles while Lita emphasizes the importance of communication, even when it feels too difficult. 

Grab your mama juice and tune in to hear these mama’s share tips on building a business with a foundation of love and grace with a loved one. 

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