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Going Inward as an Antiracist

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Going Inward as an Antiracist

With Special Guest Jess Puccinelli

Jess Puccinelli of @jesspuccinelli

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In this episode we hold a judgement-free space to take a deep look inside our hearts around the conversation of antiracism. Together, we explore hard questions and we learn ways to process all the feelings that come along with them. 

You’ve seen it all over social media, the news, and probably in your neighborhoods. Racism is real, and while it’s being cracked open in a new way in 2020, it’s a devastating reality people have lived for decades. So what do you do with all of this? Destiny was joined by Jess Puccinelli, a freelance creative strategist based in Atlanta, to talk about what to do with these feelings and encourages you to be on this difficult but oh so important process to be an anti-racist. 

As Destiny and Jess sip their mama juices, they give each other space to speak their truths on their experiences in dismantling racism and learn how to truly look inward. It’s not easy work! But Jess says it best, 

“You can’t lose by checking your heart.” 

In this episode, Jess teaches us to sit with all new information, digest it, and prepare yourself for the hard questions. We actually have the time to do that right now and if you don’t think you do, then you definitely need to hear this episode!

Jess guides us through how we can deal with all of our emotions, which mean making space for yourself and for others. 

Remember: we need to hold space to allow people to feel what they need to feel and always speak with love.

Destiny reminds us that it’s imperative to have these difficult conversations especially when they’re uncomfortablebecause it’s more uncomfortable to be ignorant! Include your children in these conversations by asking them open-ended questions and letting them answer on their own. With their response, you’ll either learn something from your child or find a teachable moment. 

The key is to never forget that love is greater than fear and anger. Anger is necessary, but at the end of the day, we have humanity and we’re capable of love. So never lose your hope, especially now, because these difficult conversations today will shape the future generations of tomorrow. 

Tune in for more of Destiny and Jess’ intimate conversation and remember it is never too late to unlearn and learn. This is only our first conversation with Jess, but definitely not the last, so send us your questions, comments, and let’s continue this conversation. 

Watch the conversation here

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