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So How Do You Stay Inspired During Tough Times?

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So How Do You Stay Inspired During Tough Times?

With Special Guest Piage Chenault of The Birthday Party Project

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In this episode we delve into finding what our roles are in contributing to our communities and learning how to dream again (not pivot!) to fit the current circumstances.

Being a mom is already hard work. But being a mom with a passion to use talents and creativity to truly make generational impacts is quadruple the work! This week’s guest, Paige, and Red & Olive Co. co-founder Destiny sip their mama juices while sharing why they do what they do and how being a mama inspires them to keep finding ways to share light and joy with their businesses. 

Both founders were inspired by their children in unique ways. Destiny was inspired to make dolls influenced by her babies while empowering women in Peru. Paige started The Birthday Party when she realized how special it was to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, begging the question, “how many others don’t have the same opportunity to be celebrated?” and her motivation to change that.

In this episode, Paige shares how she transformed The Birthday Party Project from a local project to 46 parties a month in 15 cities around the country. How? Paige says,

People believe in what we’re doing”. 

TBPP partners with homeless shelters and transitional facilities to celebrate. Before this life changing pandemic, volunteers hosted monthly birthday parties at homeless shelters. Now, since kids can’t get together to celebrate, TBPP sends birthday gifts to make sure kids have something to open on their birthday. Although, The Birthday Party Project can’t physically be there, with these birthday gifts, kids are shown that they are loved and cheered on and most importantly, that 

Joy is possible, even in a pandemic. 

The global pandemic has changed the landscape quite a bit, but both Destiny and Paige emphasize the opportunity to recalibrate and dream again to reach their goals. 

Paige reminds us that if you feel passion to change something and if you know you are able to do something about it we shouldn’t ignore it! One person can’t carry the weight of everything happening, but you do get to decide what your gifts and resources are to help drive change. She says that 

“It’s the hardest work we’ll ever do, but it’s the right work if we feel it deeply”

This pandemic has shown that we’re all in need of something. So how can you be part of a mission that speaks to you? And how can you involve your children?Open conversations are a great place to start, there is so much to share and also so much to learn from a child’s perspective. Children speak freely, reminding us that we too can be authentic and vulnerable with each other. 

Listen in for more inspiring tips on your role in humanity, honest conversations, and as always, don’t forget to bring your mama juice!

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