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The Ripple Effect of Fulfilling Your Dream

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The Ripple Effect of Fulfilling Your Dream

With Special Guest Adam Garone of the Starlight Children’s Foundation

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In this episode we celebrate the partnership between Red & Olive Co. and the Starlight Children’s Foundation. We explore how our dreams came together to bring joy to children battling cancer.

In this episode, Destiny welcomes the first dad on Mama’s Juice box, Adam Garone! Adam is the CEO of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. You might know Adam from the global movement he created around the Movember Foundation, and these days his work is dedicated to bringing smiles to seriously ill children. 

The Starlight Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children going through prolonged illnesses with initiatives that bring them joy, education and inspiration. In addition to facilitating donations of toys and game systems to children’s hospitals, they also create fun and empowering hospital gowns for kids in treatment.

Since starting Red & Olive Co., Destiny & Lita dreamed of a partnership that could bring joy to children battling cancer. When the opportunity came along to partner with The Starlight Children’s Foundation, they knew this was the way to fulfill that purpose. Today, Red & Olive Co. donates a portion of each purchase to the Starlight Children’s Foundation!

“When you follow your dreams and really you listen to your heart, you never know who you’re having an impact on.”

Ever wonder how we get to this point where everything just “clicks”? Destiny and Adam reflect on the life experiences that brought them to the work they are doing today – bringing joy and comfort to children through meaningful play. 

And P.S. Don’t miss out on a super cute sneak peak of the joy Red & Olive Co. dolls bring to kids. Destiny sent Adam’s kids a little surprise and they just couldn’t hold in their excitement.

Watch the conversation here

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