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Work-Life Balance? Yeah, It's a Myth

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Work-Life Balance? Yeah, It's a Myth

With Special Guest Chaili Trentham of Coffee on Leadership

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In this episode we break down the myth of the work-life balance, use leadership development practices to define motherhood and swap ideas for finding corners of time for yourself.

Sometimes we find that we have things in common with other moms we never could guess. For example, this week’s guest, Chaili and Red & Olive Co. co-founder Destiny both have chickens… in their backyard! Tune in to hear what brought each of these mothers to raise chickens AND children and bask in the beauty of unexpected connections that remind us that we are all on a journey, a unique journey with common threads. 

Chaili Trentham is not only raising chickens… she is also the mother and the founder of Coffee On Leadership. She sees her business as more a philosophy than a brand, and focus on cultivatingleadership development for businesses and organizations. She designs conversation around work/life integration, creativity in the workplace, and how whole leader development can springboard employee experience. Her ultimate goal is to empower people (just like you) to leverage leadership development to change their mindset about their capacity to lead others.

Destiny and Chaili sip together on this episode of the fact that we all know is true and yet never want to come to terms with. Work-life balance is a myth! Chaili even says to just erase that word. Her focus is on integration by looking for alignment - understanding that there are days when you’re more focused on work and days when you’re more focused on family/personal life. The goal is alignment over balance. 

In this episode, Destiny shared about her family and her mother’s influence on this concept of alignment. Remember her words that “Your kids will be happy when you are happy” and really allowing space for that. 

Remember, when you lead a fulfilling life, your kids will see that and aspire to be that. 

Chaili then walks us through the concept of “Revisiting” and asking ourselves some of the simplest yet toughest questions... 

Who am I? What do I believe? What am I doing about it? 

As mothers, we have to ask ourselves these questions and really give ourselves space to answer. Destiny and Chaili navigate the impact of each of these questions and how to apply the importance of leadership development at home. When everything feels out of alignment (especially during a pandemic) we have to keep revisiting these questions. The shift that results from giving yourself this space to answer freely is sometimes huge! 

Listen for more great tips on leadership development, finding fulfillment in motherhood and business and getting one step closer to experiencing whole personhood.

Watch the conversation here. 

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