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100% Fair Trade
Designed in California
Made With Love in Peru
Featured in Buzzfeed, Goop, Readers Digest, and more
Women Owned & Operated
Empowering Peruvian Artisans

Meet the Co-Founders

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Meet the Co-Founders

People say don’t get into business with your family and we couldn’t disagree more.   

 As mothers, it was completely natural for us to be inspired by our kids and grandkids, who turn out to be the same kiddos because... Lita is Destiny’s stepmom! The beauty and the chaos behind our blended family is the inspiration behind our for the precious hand-knit dolls of Red and Olive Co. We built this brand as an homage to our Peruvian traditions that we pass through generations and each special heirloom doll is designed to be passed on in your family too.

We hope to inspire creativity, curiosity, and bravery in kids today
and for generations to come. 

Our dolls were designed as a meaningful way for children to navigate life’s ups and downs through the joys of play. We love the opportunity to play with you & your families through beautiful Peruvian craftsmanship.

To learn more about how Destiny & Lita navigate a family business together, check out their interview on IGTV!