Mom Hacks from a Pro Fashion Blogger

Mom Hacks from a Pro Fashion Blogger

With Special Guest Mara Ferreira of M Loves M

Finding time for ourselves or more time to just enjoy our kids can seem impossible. But this lifestyle blogger & mom of two has motherhood hacks to share that are straight-up magic! On this episode of Mama’s Lunch Box, Destiny chatted with Mara about tips & tricks to make our lives just a little easier (and more fun!).

Mara is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on a classic & feminine take on style, beauty, entertaining (she's a great chef!), and motherhood. This mom of two will be joining Destiny to talk about hacks to help live the lives we aspire to have and maybe have more free time for ourselves!

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There is nothing better than sharing mom hacks. It’s so much fun to learn from other moms in a similar life stage what they’re doing. And it’s inspiring to hear from moms who got through it… their wisdom is everything. 

So Mara, what are your #momhacks? 

  • I have specific days I do for specific tasks. I crave structure and routine. WIth little kids it can be very hard to have that. So for example, Fridays are laundry day.  It’s nice because I have a bunch of laundry, but I can do all the folding on Friday night listening to a podcast or something. 
  • Meal planning. I usually do it on Saturdays. Sundays we’ll do the farmers market or super market. I have a notebook and I’ll write like, cauliflower/cilantro and circle those. Then I’ll look through pinterest or my cookbooks that include those ingredients. I’ll prioritize that meal when I find it. And then I’ll do this for each day, Monday - Sunday. I’ll write whatever the dish is and I’m looking through the recipes, I’ll write down the dish in my notebook for some I’ll write the recipe next to it so that when I go and check what I have versus what I need. It makes the process so smooth because i am using what i hae in the pantry and only buying what I need. 
  • Meal prep the night before you’re going to cook. I don’t really want to prep everything on one day because I feel like it will take my whole day. So instead, I do it the night before. On Sunday night, I might prep for Monday night’s dinner. It takes me 15 minutes extra and helps so much. I feel like when I start the next day I have things ready to go. 
  • Trick kids into eating vegetables. I use chickpea pastas and red lentil pastas. My son is pretty good but my daughter is more particular. I try to do a smoothie everyday, I put spinach in there,hemp seeds, chia seeds, vitamin c powder... I can pack so much in there. I haven’t tried spirulina, but I have friends who love to add that and it makes the smoothie bright blue. If my son wants a pink or blue smoothie, I’ll add frozen cauliflower because that doesn’t change the color at all. We’ve been out because I use it so much! 

Mara’s final words?

Give yourself grace, if you can’t do it all. That’s okay!! Hacks help, but give yourself grace.

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