Tips for Parents to Cope with Anxiety

Tips for Parents to Cope with Anxiety

With Special Guest Dr. Kim of @theparentologist

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In this episode we talked about the anxiety parents are feeling with COVID-19 and shared tips on how to cope and move forward from them.

We might be biased, but all moms are super moms. That’s why it’s extra amazing when we get to chat with and celebrate moms like Dr. Kim. If it’s one thing Destiny and Dr. Kim have in common is their passion to give children joy, each through their own gifts. In this episode, Destiny was joined by Dr. Kim, a mom with a doctorate in psychology, licensed marriage and family therapist, registered play therapist, university professor, and blogger of The Parentologist. She also works in a clinic with children with autism! 

But before all the amazing titles she holds, just like Destiny, Dr. Kim is first and foremost a mama. Dr. Kim guided us through all the anxieties and fears that parents are experiencing with the trauma that COVID-19 is causing. There are so many decisions to make right now and the media isn’t providing a clear light. We are being asked by society to “move forward” but how?

First, Dr. Kim explains that 

the ambiguity of the unknown is causing the anxiety.

If we had all the facts, we’d be able to move forward quickly. 

Dr. Kim recommends giving ourselves daily positive affirmations because speaking positivity to ourselves lowers anxiety by giving us inner empowerment to handle hard days and situations. 

She also advises parents to 

try mindful activities like meditation, deep breathing, and gratitude practices. 

As mamas, we tell our children to think good thoughts and to think about what things bring them joy and make them feel grateful? So why don’t we do it, too? This is the perfect reminder that what works for our little ones, will also work to help our anxieties as parents. 

Dr. Kim explains that traumatic events stay with us forever, we just learn how to live and cope better. What we’re experiencing now is a traumatic event and it’s okay to acknowledge that! COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t going away anytime soon, so neither are the traumas that many of us are feeling. 

Then, Dr. Kim guides us on ways to raise our children to be anti-racists. She tells us that as parents, we have to make it a priority in our lives to keep talking about the BLM movement and make it ongoing. These conversations should be a part of our everyday lives. Dr. Kim reminds us that 

it’s a process, not a destination. 

She tells us to give ourselves grace because we’re better than we were two weeks ago and parents don't have to have all the answers. It’s okay to not know and look up the answers with your children.  When we as parents don’t know things, it takes away the pressure of perfection from our children. Dr. Kim advises us to learn alongside of our children and that 

parents need to be educated before they can educate their children. 

Times are different and difficult, but it’s important to remember that we’re not alone. Others are going through the same thing, so we can lean on our community and learn from this year together. 

Tune into the episode to learn more tips and book resources Dr. Kim shares and remember to really make space to figure out your balance. Don’t burn out. Don’t give up. And, keep moving forward with the gifts of 2020. 

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