What Are Limiting Beliefs? And How to Identify Them

What Are Limiting Beliefs? And How to Identify Them

with Special Guest Nicole Di Rocco of @mynicolita

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In this episode, we define limiting beliefs and share tips on how to liberate yourself from them while moving forward with your dream.

We all have a dream, something that we want to do or pursue, but we stop because of endless excuses like, “I’m too busy,” “I have kids,” or the classic, “I don’t have time.” So how can we reframe our mindsets to finally do what we’re meant to?

On this week’s episode Destiny and Nicole Di Rocco of My Nicolita Swimwear discuss their own limiting beliefs and how they got (and still have to!) work past them. 

Nicole, who just happens to be Destiny’s neighbor, is a fashion business strategist who helps people hone in on what their standout products will be. She has heard tons of dreams and self-made obstacles that come up when starting a business. She advises us to just 

take actions no matter how small. 

Since the pandemic began many of us have reevaluated how we spend their time. Some have realized you want to do something you are passionate about but you don’t feel like they can do it. The obstacles and excuses come in fast and can stop you before you even get started. 

These are known as limiting beliefs. Nicole defines these as thoughts that you keep thinking over and over in your head, an excuse, a distraction, and a belief you think is true but isn’t

Together, Destiny and Nicole reflected on what their own limiting beliefs were when starting their businesses, which may sound extremely familiar: not having time, having kids, judgement from peers or family, and the scariest–the fear of failure. Nicole explains that by saying you don’t have time you’re more saying that you’re prioritizing something more than something you want to do, and of course that these are beliefs, not truths!

Nicole recommends putting it on paper because when you write something down, it becomes your strategy/roadmap. Nicole says to think about ways to get out of your own way and the moment you feel resistance, find what thought is holding you back. 

It’s so easy to lose track of your goals, so paint the picture of where you want to be and the dots will start to connect! 

Business planning can be overwhelming, so Nicole shares the one question she asks herself when everything feels like too much: What if everything happened the way that it’s supposed to and that everything went smoothly? She advises that to move to the next step and not get lost in the rabbit hole of disastrous thoughts you can 

Ask yourself empowering questions when you feel stuck – And ask it out loud.

Tune in to hear more intimate examples of Destiny and Nicole’s own limiting beliefs and how these mama’s talk through them to get to their next goals.

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