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100% Fair Trade
Designed in California
Made With Love in Peru
Featured in Buzzfeed, Goop, Readers Digest, and more
Women Owned & Operated
Empowering Peruvian Artisans

Why is Fair Trade Good?

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Why is Fair Trade Good?

Why is Fair Trade Good?

Red & Olive Co. dolls are a meaningful way for your kiddo to navigate life’s ups and downs through the joys of play. Every BFF has a unique personality and is handmade with premium natural materials by female artisans in Peru (link to page). 

Our founders worked in the fashion industry and saw first-hand business practices that exploit the workers behind the scenes. It’s just not ok. So they designed a business model for artisans to have opportunities to prosper while creating quality products. Our business model values the people behind the scenes, using only the best materials, and minimizing our environmental impact. 



These are so important to us and we want to share this with the next generation. By teaching good consumer values to kids, we have the chance to not only make an impact on families today but also inspire the next generation of leaders (that’s your kiddo!). 


How Does Fair Trade Work?

This vision of an ethical business comes with a unique set of challenges. As a customer, you want the best quality products at the lowest possible price. Companies lower their manufacturing costs by seeking the cheapest possible wages... leading to underpaid workers. This is leaving artisans with little opportunity to provide for their families and often working long hours or needing their children to help keep a roof over their heads. 


This is not easy to hear. It’s not easy to share! No one wants to think about this, but it’s why we exist. This reality not only breaks our hearts, but it also fuels them! We hope to inspire other companies to choose ethical business practices and do better for children everywhere. We want to see all children have opportunities to thrive and that’s not really happening. We know it’s time for a change, and you can be part of that. 


By choosing to buy ethical whenever possible, you are making a difference. 
Thank you for doing your part!