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100% Fair Trade
Designed in California
Made With Love in Peru
Featured in Buzzfeed, Goop, Readers Digest, and more
Women Owned & Operated
Empowering Peruvian Artisans


We are a fair trade company that seeks to give value to the

Peruvian artisans by paying them according to their gifts and

abilities. This will help them be a part of the world's economy

and promote ownership and self-sufficiency.


However, we also wanted to make a local impact, so we

launched initiatives to help the ones we love close to home.


Our Story

As a Peruvian & American blended family, woman-owned business we spend every day designing ways for children to connect with our rich cultural influences.
We blend traditional art forms with the latest fashion trends. Red & Olive Co. was born out of passion, risk-taking and a whole lot of love.

Ethically Handmade

Empowering Peruvian artisans & their families
Many of our artisans have children and others in the community who rely on them. Through flexible schedules and fair wages, they can take care of their loved ones while gaining the self-sufficiency to help break the poverty cycle.

Children's Foundations & Causes

We not only believe in impacting lives globally but also locally.We have partnered with many children causes to bring joy to seriously ill kids. We donate 10% of our sales to organizations and programs benefitting seriously ill kids all across the US.